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Re: COLD out!
« Reply #150 on: April 03, 2007, 07:25:53 AM »
yeah the CBR would be better :D

and they ARE quite expensive

aren't they?
doesn't even look like you can get them for scrap

or something!

I know someone who has bought one new... it now has

7000 km's on it.. he's VERY VERY cautious with it. He takes it for a

ride maybe once or twice a year but he DOES replace the oil every year etc.

/>He won't take it out if there is any chance for rain... he has a Pan

for that :D

He purchased brand new forks a while back and replaced

his... then he sold the old ones (very good shape) on internet for the same

price he bought the newe ones  :lol:

It was one of the first

CBX in Holland though...
Veho ergo sum