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Bikers Cafe / Sad to say I sold my Hurricane
« on: April 04, 2011, 23:05:03 PM »
Hi all

Sad day  today as I sold my Hurricane, the XJ900 will probably be going soon as well. 5 bikes and 3 cars to service is starting to get a little to much for me now that my retirement is ever looming; hopefully near the end of this year. :grandpa: I haven’t been here much I know lately just goes to show how much free time I have or haven’t as is the case. But I'd like to pop back now and then if that OK with you guys.

Chap I sold the bike to is quite local and knows about the site so you can expect another member from Merseyside area quite soon I think.

I'd like to thank you all for the help with the Hurricane particularly Rob the oracle and of course the rest of you and Crusher; but as I say, dont write me off just yet please as I'll pop in now and then if I may.

Cheers all :thumbs:


Most sporting motorcycle boots have strengthened ankle supports nowadays, some look more like ski boots, and are made from the same materials.

You get what you pay for, all true. It depends how much you value you feet. The quote from Rob above is true. I have a pair like those, they are Oxtar with torsion control to stop the ankle twisting. They are believe it or not very comfortable, well mine are. I personally wouldn't go any other way. I've seen pictures of bones sticking out of feet and it dont look nice. If I fall off I'd like to try and stay in one piece as far as possible. Screw the expense M8. My stuff isn't the most expensive but I have invested a fair amount of cash in my riding gear for that reason.

There some good info here

Hi to all :thumbs:


Bikers Cafe / Re: Hi all just checkin in
« on: September 17, 2010, 22:57:05 PM »
Do be careful calling our beloved CBR's dinosaurs, at their age they're holding their own quite well against more modern bikes!
I didn't call it a dinosaur outright, I actually called it a darn good bike as in
trouble is its a darn good bike even if its a bit of a dinosaur

But age comes to us all, Geez they call me a fossil at work as I'm almost 60 years :grandpa:
at their age they're holding their own quite well against more modern bikes
That depends on your 'definition' of more modern. Modern bikes are built to a lower quality standard, well a lot are. But modern bikes are lighter, have way better brakes and better handling and better suspension. Agreed the Hurricane will give a lot of newer bikes a dam good run for the money, but its getting on at 24 years old. There's a big difference between a 1987 Hurricane and a 1997 CBR600/VFR750 in every department.

No diss-respect to the people here who own a Hurricane  :respekt:, I still do and cant bring myself to move it on as its a good bike. But it is what it is, 24 years old.

All Technical Issues / Re: De-restriction Process
« on: September 16, 2010, 23:44:03 PM »
When I de-restricted mine what I did was to unscrew the sensor board in the speedo head. I left it in just laid it on its side and used hot melt to hold it down. there is enough room in there for that. That way no wires are cut or interfered with. Just make sure that there’s no chance of anything shorting out The disc never has a chance of coming near the op-to sensor. Didn't need to do any thing else. I also changed to a UK speedo but I just transferred the speedo head itself into the main cluster, so I still have the origonal rev counter but the light dont come on I never would it fully open so dont have a clue what it will do to be honest.




Bikers Cafe / Re: Hi all just checkin in
« on: September 16, 2010, 23:21:07 PM »
you should change your signature dave, the bmw isn't listed yet

The Funduro makes its name true, a highly flickable  bike, which could sadly use some more power, but FUN anyway! thumbs
Your right it is underpowered- compared to the F6C and Thunderace.  :zaehne009:

It was a culture shock big time the first time I rode it but it absolutely rocks. I can see I am going to have a lot of fun over the winter on this bike. Especially with the heated grips. Like most bikes its got its issues and I'm already finding out about these. But it looks an easy bike to work on, for me that’s a plus as I do most of my own servicing wherever I can. Best of all I didn't pay a fortune for it. If it turns out its not for me then I will not loose any money on it. Can't argue with that.

Although its not actually built by BMW, I like the way its put together, even if it is a little agricultural.

Do wife and daughter use the bikes too?
Er no, they are not allowed in the garage, besides they both hate bikes, which suites me as they dont get in my way   :schilder034:

I posted a picture of it. Getting a little cramped now though with all these bikes. I was going to move the Hurricane on, trouble is its a darn good bike even if its a bit of a dinosaur. Its took me to work all week in heavy rain. Cant bring myself to part with it but the numbers may have to shrink soon I fear.

But as the wife calls them.................... they're all my metal mates



Bikers Cafe / Hi all just checkin in
« on: September 10, 2010, 23:41:25 PM »
Hi all.

Been a while, just checking in. Still got the Hurricane although I picked up another addition (yeah yeah I know Rob).

Picked up a 2001 (really a 2000 as 2000 was the last of them) BMW F650 Funduro type last month, a big single. Bit of an education compared to the F6C and Thunderace but what a hoot to ride. Its getting just a little cramped now with 5 of them and 3 cars if you count the wife’s, daughters and mine.

That's 8 vehicles to look after. I fear I may have to start slimming down the toys  :gafa:

Not much chance of being bored when I retire soon (he says hopefully) hahaha  :zaehne048:



According to MCN it is 145 BHP, more than I'll ever need. Not quite as much as the year 2000 Honda Blackbird at 165 BHP I used to own about 5 years ago, but its well quick enough; more than quick enough for me. The brakes are something else.

Its old school compared to the new missiles on the market, but at 58 years old it suites me sir!

Theres a review of it here

I nearly ended up buying a fairly new blade, but the mist settled just in time :zaehne009:



I just wanted something a little more modern and more nimble than the Hurricane for a change.

I struggled the other week when I took the F6C out of winter storage with its weight [340KG] as I have lost so much body mass which has resulted in loosing a fair bit of upper body strength...literally

Weight is 198 KG. It feels light as feather compared to the Hurricane at 224KG.

Er.... yes it is a bit quick :lol:  :biker:

Spec is here

Looks quite strange in the garage parked along side the other Yamaha [XJ900F]

I pommissed the wife I would not buy any more bikes...........[for a bit :zaehne029:]

Photo of (you (and) or) your bike :) / Picked this up the other week
« on: April 23, 2010, 21:37:18 PM »
Picked this up the other week.

Something to liven the summer nights up  :zaehne009:

Garage is getting a bit cramped now with 4 bikes  :biker:

All Technical Issues / Re: Another exhaust question.... duh
« on: March 25, 2010, 00:19:29 AM »
Madhouse, how on earth do you keep the rims and pegs so brand-new like ? mine rust :/

Yes elbow grease, and 'Solvo-Autosol' metal polish. The rims and pegs are alloy, they don't rust, just go dull. But all the crap thats flung off the chain after heavy spraying of grease helped over the winter. But you have to keep on top of it to avoid serious polishing if you want to keep them looking reasonable. I have a brand new 'Scott oiler' to fit, just can't seem to find a suitable place to mount it.

I rode the Hurricane all through the winter, so they stayed OK. This year we had a very cold winter in the UK compared to what we have had in the past, and I put being able to do that down to all the weight I managed to loose last year, over 70 odd lbs (35KG) now :eek:

Well done Dave, those sleeves look good.
And don't think too lightly about making your own headers, it is a lot of work, but well worth the trouble when done in stainless. Mine will hopefully last 'till eternity (and beyond)

Yes as soon as I get a pipe bent up for me I'm going to 'hack it and whack it' and 'cut it'. Then re-assemble it, hopefully with the correct bends in it to see if it can be done. I'm pretty sure I will be able to remove the bits of the bend not required. Then its only a matter of welding it back up again and I already have a TIG HF set for that. The only difference is my down pipes are 35 MM and I can only get hold of 38MM tubing. But it is grade 304 and I think it has a 1.5 MM wall so should be fine. The collector was re-skinned in 0.9 MM and theres no rust or corrosion on that yet after well over 2 years. If I do manage to make the down pipes the whole system will out last me! :lol:

I also need to fix the neutral gear (or rather lack of) issue yet.

Catch you all later


All Technical Issues / Re: Another exhaust question.... duh
« on: March 21, 2010, 22:04:31 PM »
Well done. I wish I could get a bargain like that. I didn't get the front pipes and collector I was after. When I first got my bike the collector box was rotten and the 2 output ports for the silencers were totally shot. My son totally re-skinned the collector in 0.9 MM stainless 304 grade. Made a really good job of it too. Since then over 2 years on the down pipes now are going really scabby, especially since I commuted all through this winter, the salt took its toll. So will need to address the pipes soon. But for now I just sanded them down and repainted. They will have to do.

Last year I enrolled at the local college for a welding and fabrication course and its going well. I managed to get some sleeves rolled to cover the dented and scratched silencers. I fitted them today and they look OK, well they do to me.

Heres a couple of pics I took today.

So now all I need to do is make up some down pipes, and I'm working on that by cutting up some pre-bent 38MM tubing and jig-saw it back together to follow the origonal run of the down pipes. Well.... I will as soon as I get them :zaehne009:



All Technical Issues / Re: Hurricane mirrors
« on: February 26, 2010, 22:19:12 PM »

yeah but not CBR750
Nope, but they fit and look well better than what was on it.  :pompom:

All Technical Issues / Re: Another exhaust question.... duh
« on: February 26, 2010, 22:16:44 PM »
Don't know, cant remember. Will have to try it. I can get it in if I tap the pedal hard but it often 'over shoots' then have to tap it back, but the pedal is quite stiff once stopped with the engine running. Of course once I hit the kill switch it goes in perfectly. Even when the bike has been standing for some time you can select neutral without the motor running. This issue is only when the motor is ticking over with the clutch lever pulled, I have big difficulty getting it into neutral.


All Technical Issues / Re: Another exhaust question.... duh
« on: February 26, 2010, 20:09:06 PM »
Recently Crusher put a story about fitting a 1000's exhaust to a 750 in the technical section on the homepage.....
Yes I was looking at that last night just before I posted, but he doesn't say what the slight modification was.

Also I see adverts for the nexus system and the likes who claim you cant use the heat-shields. Trouble is the bikes not worth a lot, most of them end up on Ebay broken for spares. The ones that end up being sold complete don't seem to go for much; which sort of indicates they aren't worth much. So don't want to spend twice its value in bits for it. Which is a pity because after a few years, I've finally got this thing running right. But it has something I just can't explain.

All I have to fix after the crusty down pipes is the problem with it being difficult to get it going into neutral with the engine running once I come to a halt, I think it may be sticking clutch plates (well I hope it aint the gearbox) and I have a spare set of new friction plates I bought for it last year. So thats the cheapest option to try first I suppose.

If it was my only bike there wouldn't be an issue but I have 2 others, the Hurricane I use mainly for adrenalin :schilder017:

Which comes easy at my age  :grandpa::lol:

Will let you know how I get on.



All Technical Issues / Hurricane mirrors
« on: February 25, 2010, 22:10:23 PM »
Hi all

I have been trying to get mirrors for my Hurricane ever since I got it a few years ago. I finally found a pair that fits. The ones fitted are Genuine Honda from a 1991 CBR600.

I have attached a picture I took the other day to show what they look like. The mirror glass just about covers the outer viewing area when tilted fully out.



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