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Bikers Cafe / Sad to say I sold my Hurricane
« on: April 04, 2011, 23:05:03 PM »
Hi all

Sad day  today as I sold my Hurricane, the XJ900 will probably be going soon as well. 5 bikes and 3 cars to service is starting to get a little to much for me now that my retirement is ever looming; hopefully near the end of this year. :grandpa: I haven’t been here much I know lately just goes to show how much free time I have or haven’t as is the case. But I'd like to pop back now and then if that OK with you guys.

Chap I sold the bike to is quite local and knows about the site so you can expect another member from Merseyside area quite soon I think.

I'd like to thank you all for the help with the Hurricane particularly Rob the oracle and of course the rest of you and Crusher; but as I say, dont write me off just yet please as I'll pop in now and then if I may.

Cheers all :thumbs:


Bikers Cafe / Hi all just checkin in
« on: September 10, 2010, 23:41:25 PM »
Hi all.

Been a while, just checking in. Still got the Hurricane although I picked up another addition (yeah yeah I know Rob).

Picked up a 2001 (really a 2000 as 2000 was the last of them) BMW F650 Funduro type last month, a big single. Bit of an education compared to the F6C and Thunderace but what a hoot to ride. Its getting just a little cramped now with 5 of them and 3 cars if you count the wife’s, daughters and mine.

That's 8 vehicles to look after. I fear I may have to start slimming down the toys  :gafa:

Not much chance of being bored when I retire soon (he says hopefully) hahaha  :zaehne048:



Photo of (you (and) or) your bike :) / Picked this up the other week
« on: April 23, 2010, 21:37:18 PM »
Picked this up the other week.

Something to liven the summer nights up  :zaehne009:

Garage is getting a bit cramped now with 4 bikes  :biker:

All Technical Issues / Hurricane mirrors
« on: February 25, 2010, 22:10:23 PM »
Hi all

I have been trying to get mirrors for my Hurricane ever since I got it a few years ago. I finally found a pair that fits. The ones fitted are Genuine Honda from a 1991 CBR600.

I have attached a picture I took the other day to show what they look like. The mirror glass just about covers the outer viewing area when tilted fully out.



All Technical Issues / Another exhaust question.... duh
« on: February 25, 2010, 21:56:30 PM »
Hi all.  :25:

Hurricane has done well this year I broke all rules and rode through all the winter for commuting, only missed the first 2 weeks of the new year due to very heavy snow. After loosing almost 75LBS in weight (off me not the hurricane) I have been able to stay on my feet for much longer periods as I have bad knee joints.

Well because I have been riding all winter the down pipes have really taken a beating from all the road salt and crap they get sprayed with, add to this they are the original pipes and they are past due as they are really crispy so they look as though they are on there last legs.

I want to replace the down pipes and maybe put a 4/1 on later. I can get a full system off Ebay for £350 from Sandy bike spares but don't want to spend that much, as I just put a new rear tire on last week or so.

I read on the forum that 1988 FK will fit with slight modification. Can anyone tell me if the Honda CBR1000 FH-FJ Motad Exhaust downpipes 87-88 will fit my 87 FH?

If it will, what modifications will I have to do, and can I keep the center stand?

I don't want to purchase one only to find I've wasted my money.

I think from memory that my headers where they go into the block are 43 MM diameter.

Appreciate an early answer if anyones about.

Cheers all


All Technical Issues / Front mudguard and rear shock questions
« on: December 31, 2009, 00:54:44 AM »
Hi guys/gals

Hope you all had a good Christmas. I have some questions to ask if someone can help me out here please.

1) Anyone (Rob maybe) know if the 89 - 92 front mudguard on the CBR1000F is the same as the 87 Hurricane 750? I akm thinking about purchasing one of those 'fender entendas' and sionce there isn't one listed for the 87 Hurricane (surprise) I'm wondering if the 1000F one will be the same mudguard. Any one help here please?

2) I also purchase over the holiday a rear mono-shock for a spare on the Hurricane as the rear end is getting harder so I'm thinking maybe the shock maybe giving up. I obtained an 1987 1000F FJ as I was told it will fit. I have posted a picture I took. The body of the shock on the inside of the big coil spring is somewhat rusted lower down. My question is does this make any difference as in will it damage the seal? I dont know if this shock opperates like a front fork slider or whether or not the sliding part is actually inside. Can anyone confirm this please?

3) There are three settings marked 1/2 &3 also via a screw adjustment, my Hurricane shock does not have this. Where should it be set to?

4) There is also a small pipe which looks like it should have a tube or something on the end of it. It looks like some sort of drain. Should there be a rubber tube on the end?

All the best for the New Year.

Cheers all


All Technical Issues / Valve clearances
« on: November 27, 2009, 23:27:21 PM »
I have an issue thats been on this bike since I have had it in as much as the exhaust down pipe for no1 cylinder is running very much cooler than the other three. When I start the bike I can usually keep my hand on the pipe for quite some time whereas the others get very hot very quickly. Strange thing is it doest actually seem to be running on three cylinders but something isn't quite right here. I have mentioned before here that the throttle response is poor on this bike, so maybe this is why I dont know.

The quest to look further into this started this evening. When I got home from work today I thought I would drop the oil and so I warmed the bike back up again just before and noticed that after blipping the throttle on idle the revs would drop and stumble, it wouldn't stall but would take a while to come back up again to normal idle speed about 1000-1100 RPM. I've had this issue for a while also. Rob had mentioned turning the idle mixture screws in 1/4 turn a while back so tonight while I was warming the engine up for the oil change I did this, even went 1/2 a turn in. It made it slightly better but not by a huge amount.

I dropped the oil, changed the filter etc and restarted. Again I noticed that no 1 exhaust cylinder was quite cold compared to the other three yet it seemed to be running on all four pots, although throttle response is quite poor and sluggish.

For some time I had intended to set the valve clearances, in fact I really wanted to do this last year but never had the time, so tonight I thought that I would have a go. Maybe my issues lay here.

What a shock I got when I removed the valve cover. Man its tight in there, never seen anything like it, especially No 1 and no 4 exhaust tappets. So difficult for access.

I took off also the left had side inspection plate to rotate the engine with  spanner, I think this is where the inductive pickups are and I thought there would be timming marks in there but there are none. So after all this waffle here are some questions as I'm struggling here gents.

Are the timing marks on the other side, the right hand side of the engine?

Is it safe on this engine to assume that if the cam lobes are pointing vertical the valve will be close so measurement can be taken?

I ask this because I cant really see very well small marks with me having bad eyes and so I think I am going to have difficulty finding TDC for each cylinder and I cant make head nor tale of the Jap manual re- the tappet adjustment. I read that if the cam lob was at 10 to or 10 past the hour then it was OK to adjust regardless of compression or intake as the valve will be closed. Is this true? any ideas.

Of course it may be a carb fault but it wont hurt to check out the valve clearances.

Any help appreciated.



Bikers Cafe / Hi all again
« on: August 19, 2009, 00:17:40 AM »
Hi all, still here, but I just cant seem to find much time for social networking with the cars and bikes I have to look at. Been busy the last few months, attached is a pic of one of my new toys. Been busy making all the different adapters to lift my bikes as it came with none.

Hurricane talk...................

I suffered leaking fork seals badly on the Hurricane last week and when I tried to get the bottom M10 bolts out of the bottom of the fork legs I noticed the heads were totally butchered. I ended up taking the forks to a local engineering company who relieved me of £50 (ouch) just to drill a bolt out. £30 for both oil and dust seals, £10 (inc delivery) for the two M10 Allen bolts and £20 to fit the new seals (well since they had the forks I thought they might as well fit them). £7 for oil. All in an expensive job at £117

It has transformed the handling no end, but hitting even a small pot hole results in a serious clunk as the from suspensions bottoms hard. I contacted Hagon shocks who do sell progressive springs for the Hurricane at £67 including oil and delivery (UK), so I'm thinking about replacing the springs unless anyone here thinks other wise in a desperate attempt to stop the from end bottoming hard.

Anyway hope your all keeping well.



Bikers Cafe / Just poped in to say hi guys
« on: April 02, 2009, 21:31:31 PM »
Just popped to say hi to every one. Still got the Hurricane although 3 bikes and 3 cars in the family is taking up lots of time. The XJ is on the road now and from next month the Hurricane and F6 will be too, so guess I'll have even more spannering to do HA HA HA  ::)

I keep saying I'll make more of an effort to call in but it seems there is just always something to do the last 18 months.

Anyways, hope your all keeping well  :thumbs:



Picked up this today. 19,000 miles and in surprisingly good condition for a 15 year old bike (1993). Thats 3 bilks and 3 cars in the household now  :eek:. Am I going to be busy or what?  :dummhead:

The yellow over write on the rear plate is for obvious reasons   :nono:

Regards to all


Bikers Cafe / Just checking in
« on: October 07, 2008, 21:12:23 PM »
Just a quick line to say hello to you lot, sorry aint been in but I have been quite busy all summer. Not had much chance to ride either bike this season and they are both going in storage at the end of this month but hey..... got myself a nice big garage/workshop now. Just need to get it organised and sort all me crap out. And find the time of course  :luxhello:

Hope everyone is OK

Cheers everyone.


Bikers Cafe / Hi All
« on: February 23, 2008, 22:41:34 PM »
Hi all.

I just popped in to say hello. I've been off line for quite a few months due to health reasons, the winter, and the bikes being in long term storage over the winter. But things are looking up now a little. So I hope to get the bikes out during the next few weeks or so and put them back on the road. Anyway just a quick visit to say I'm back and haven't left.



Photo of (you (and) or) your bike :) / Some pics of my Hurricane
« on: August 02, 2007, 22:27:22 PM »

Here are some

pics of my Hurricane nows its on the road. The pictures make the bike look

much better than what it is. Cosmetically the bike was a nightmare as

virtually all the lugs on the bodywork were either cracked or broken off all

together. Still its not that bad as it stands and once I get the plastics

repainted etc should look quite a tidy machine. The close up on the LH fairing

is where it fell on me last week at the MOT. To save bandwidth on the forum

I've placed them on my webspace. They wont be there forever so have a

look see what you think.










/>Cheers all


All Technical Issues / Clutch cable routing
« on: August 02, 2007, 00:05:15 AM »
I thought the clutch lever action was normal until

I met a guy at a local gathering who had an 87 Hurricane. his clutch was so

light it was unreal. I could opperate the lever with just my index finger. Way

mutch lighter than mine. I realise that there may be differant springs (maybe)

in mine but am wondering now about the routing of the cable. My cable goes

down the LH side of the headstock. Before I take off the tank etc, (which is

quite full) can anyone say if this would be correct? My brother in law

commented on how *he* thought the angle was quite sharp of the clutch cable, I

thought maybe it should go on the other side of the headstock, but dont want

to make work for myself if its routing is correct as it is.

/>So.............. anyone? left or right hand side of the headstock? Where

does your cable go? and is your clutch light?


Does anybody know if the spark plug

ignition lead can be seperated from the plug cap? If I hold the cable in my

hand I can rotate the cap continously yet they dont seem to want to seperate.

I have a slight stumble on idle, and number one exhaust manifold does not

appear to run at the same temperature as 2, 3 & 4. So before I start

looking I though I would make sure the ignition cable connections are


I would like to be able to replace the ignition cable, but

as stated the lead and cap although very loose with teach otrher dont want to




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