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Dynojet Run

Although a bit blurred , this is the result of a dynojet run with my bike. I had it done at a 'motoport' in lelystad.Since there are no technical details in the bike shops or on the net on the CBR 750 Hurricane , this was very illuminating to me because I finally learnt what its max speed was :) ps. The speedometer on my bike doesn't go beyond 180 km so I had no idea how fast I was going top , that is , untill this run.



Underneath you'll find specifications mostly supplied by members of this site. Be aware that there's also an official parts manual (in japanese) with the official specifications.
Use at your own risk.
Question marks mean : no info yet. If you can fill it in or have additional info, please supply in the forum
Item Information By
Air filter 17211-MM5-000 Sean
Battery Type YB10LB2 Jeremy
Bore and stroke 70.0 x 48.6 mm Jeremy
Brakes front Twin discs 2 x Nissin Twin Piston Calipers Jeremy
Brakes rear Single disc Nissin Twin Piston Caliper Jeremy
Carburator Main jet: 110 or 112
Pilot jet: 38
Float height: 8mm
Mixture screw: 1-3/4 turns out
Chain pitch and length 50 - 116 LINK Sean
Chassis RC27 Sean
Choke cable part nr. 17950-MM5-000 Sean
Clutch cable part nr. 22870-MM4-000 / 22870-MM4-010 Sean
Clutch lever 53178-KV0-000 Sean
Compression ratio 10.5 : 1
Dimensions LxWxH Approx : 2170 x 635 x 1210 mm
Crusher Richard
Engine Type 748 cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder
748 cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder
Final drive O-ring-sealed chain
Standard front sprocket 15 Tooth
Standard rear sprocket 45 Tooth
Crusher Jeremy
Fork oil capacity Left : 485 CC
Right : 495 CC
Fork seal part nr. 51490-MJ1-671 ( VESRAH EQUIVALENT (AR3901) )
( ARI.058 according to Jasper for the \'89

Sean Jasper
Front brake lever 53170-KV0-006 Sean
Front disc pads part nr. 45105-ML7-922 / 45106-ML7-922 Sean
Fuel tank capacity Official : capacity 21.0 l ( reserve 2.5 l )
Measured : 19.85 l
Crusher Jeremy
Gear shift lever lip seal 22/13 Ed
Headlight Standard H4 or Astralamp 12v 60/55w H4 P43t order No 472XBT Xenonblue Richard
Ignition Electronic Crusher
Manufactured 1987, 1988 Sean
Maximum power 77 hp at 9.500 rpm ( 85 hp measured on dynojet.. ) Crusher Jeremy
Oil capacity engine Engine rebuild 4.3 l approx
Oil change with filter 3.3 l approx
Oil filter Honda 15410-MM9-POO or Champion F301 Jeremy
Oil filter 15410-MM9-003 Sean
Oil forks Type 10 WT
Capacity 432.5 / 447 cc
Fill level 107 mm from top
Air pressure 0.4

Rear disc pads part nr. 43105-ML7-921 / 43106-ML7-921 Sean
Rev counter cable part nr. Electronic not applicable Sean
Spark plugs NGK DPR 8 EA_ 9 (DPR9EA)or Denso HR ND X24 EPR-U9
Gap setting 0.8 - 0.9 mm
Speedo cable part nr. 44830-MM4-000 Sean
Sprocket front Partnr. 23801-MM4-003 (15 TOOTH )
Front 15 and back 48 for extreme pulling and low topspeed ( 6750

rpm @ 120 km/h in 6th gear )
Sean Shibiaru
Sprocket rear Partnr. 41200-MM4-000 (45 TOOTH - 4 Bolt)
Front 15 and back 48 for extreme pulling and low topspeed (

6750 rpm @ 120 km/h in 6th gear )
Sean Shibiaru
Starter Electric Crusher
Suspension front Hydraulic telescopic Crusher
Suspension rear Single ( Pro-Link )
Rear shock can be replaced easily with a Hagon unit (for CBR 1000)
Crusher Richard
Throttle cable part nr. FWD 17910-MM4-000 (FH MODEL)
17910-MM5-000 (FJ MODEL)
Throttle cable part nr. RETURN 17920-MM4-000 (FH MODEL)
17920-MM5-000 (FJ MODEL)
Topspeed Original jap import restricted to : 180 km/h ( 113 m/h )
De-restricted 235 km/h (145 m/h )
Crusher Jeremy
Transmission 6-speed Crusher
Tyre front 110/80 v17 tubeless ( Pirelli Match )
120ZR70 ( Metzeler )
120x70x17 ZR ( Michelin Macadams X90 )
Crusher Shibiaru Richard
Tyre pressure Front : 36 P.S.I (~2.48 BAR)
Rear : 40 P.S.I (~2.75 BAR)
Tyre rear 140/70 vb18 tubeless ( Pirelli Match ) ( 150/70 is optional )
160ZR60 (Metzeler)
150x70x18 ZR (

Michelin Macadams )
Crusher Shibiaru Richard
Valve settings Inlet valve clearance 0,11
Exhaust valve clearance 0,18
Weight Weight dry : 199 Kg
Weight wet : 224 Kg
Crusher Richard
Wheel bearing front Partnr. 96150-60040-10 (c6004uu) Iain
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