How to fix exhaust trouble, derestrict your bike etc.


The restrictor is fitted within the speedometer, after removal of the speedometer cover you will find a thin circular disc which is driven by a magnetic field produced when the cable drive turns. (the faster the drive rotates the further round the disc moves.) On the disc are 2 high spots, the first causes the red light to come on at 95kph when it passes between a small circuit board. As speed is increased the second high spot comes into a position between what looks like two transistors, that is the speed regulator. All you need to do is to slice this second high spot off the disc as cleanly as possible keeping the uniform circular shape of the disc. The disc is very thin so it can be done with a pair of sharp scissors - taking care not to distort the disc or leave any burrs on the edge - the speedo can then be re-assembled and your 'Hurricane' is up to full power.


The de-restricting info above was sent to me by Jeremy, thanx again buddy.

Exhaust trouble

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Front spring air pressure and oil

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