About this site

About this site

It all started when I was 18 years old , just having passed my theory exam on 11-nov-1991.

I started taking bike lessons on 03-jan-1992 and after what seemed a long time and having taken 11 lessons I passed my exam on friday 13th march 1992. I wasn't able to pick up my drivers license that day , so the date on my drivings license says : 16-march-1992.

I was lucky to have a dad with a bike :) I could borrow his bike , a Honda CB 750 KZ , all the time cause he didn't ride it much. I was the first student to arrive at school on a motorcycle in the long history of that's school excistence so that was kind of a kick hehe.

In 1993 I bought my fathers motorcycle and I enjoyed driving it immensely. It had a special Marshall exhaust with the power of 4 cilindres roaring through it. I went to the dirttrack one day with the motorcycle and took out the inner pipe of the marshallexhaust. You couldn't hear the dirttrack bikes any more , cause of the roaring noise coming from the 750 KZ :):) That was incredibly cool. Ever heard a decent Harley ? Bet you loved it and your ears hurt ? Well , it's nothing compared to the sound that came from the Honda that day haha.the Honda did have a minor disadvantage I have to mention though.When I went really hard through a bend , the exhaust would touch the road and sparks would come from it.I had that a lot but after informing what a new exhaust would cost me ( this one was wearing off .. ) I decided I'd go easy on the bends from then on..

Coming to the end of 1994 I was also riding dirtbikes a lot and I was saving money to buy a new one ,since the ones I rode on , broke down a lot. My mom said to me : " Why don't you buy a new streetbike instead? It's of much more use to you". She was right obviously and I then started to keep an eye out for what kind of bike I wanted to buy.

I always had a passion for a Honda Shadow VT 600 and after  lot of thinking I decided that was the bike for me.So on 15-feb-1995 I said goodbye to the Honda CB 750 KZ ( still looking brand new but suffering from oil leakkage ) and I welcomed the Honda Shadow. My dad bought the same bike ( coincidence ) and that doubled the fun :) he bought a red one and I had chosen a blue one.

I also bought gear for it cause nikes and a custom bike don't match hehe. Unfortunately it took me just 3 months to realise I had been so mistaken when I bought this bike. The pedals would touch the street way too often and I'd be sitting uncomfy catching wind on it while trying to sit straight up on the highway.

So..I went to the shop once more to try out a new bike and I test rode a Yamaha 600. After 60 miles I returned with aching wrists and neck and told the salesman the bike was not meant to be mine. He said he didn't have anything else meeting my tight budget except maybe that bike standing over there , being red and white and blue , with the round rear end. The colors used to be different but the previous owner , a short lady , had fallen with it and the polyester was fixed and the bike was totally redone in the style of the upcoming 1995 model of the Honda CBR 600.  I gazed and , believe it or not but while I was walking towards it , my heart started to feel joyfull. I had reached the bike and looked it over , examened the pricetag and began to smile. I asked if I could testdrive this bike too and after 10 minutes I was enjoying this totally new driving experience. It took me less then 10 miles to know that this bike had a new owner so 18-may-1995 became the date that I bought the bike that had written my name all over it , the Honda CBR 750 Hurricane.

While I am writing this on 27-aug-2000 having journeyd over 18750 miles (30000 km) , I can still say I made the right choice :) Enjoy the rest of the site !

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