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[Sale] Mirror extender for CBR750 with special discount

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[Sale] Mirror extender for CBR750 with special discount
« on: November 26, 2017, 02:22:35 AM »


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As I wrote at other posting, I successfully developed mirror extender for CBR750.
So I offer mirror extenders for two forum users at special discount price. This offer will expire at the end of thi year.

Product Spec
 The mirror extender kit includes following items.
One  mirror extender ABS plastics.
Two extender bolts.
One rubber sheet.

 Available colors are black and creamy white.
 It can be used for either right or left. If you need both sides, you have to order two.
 With the mirror extender, genuine CBR750 mirror is mounted at 30cm outer position.
 Obviously you need CBR750 and original genuine Honda mirrors.

  Regular price is 2000yen. But offered price here is  1300yen for one kit.
But max two kits for one customer.
 At this point, 1300yen is
  US$ 11.65
  Euro 9.99
  GBP 9.24
  AU$ 15.29

  Your billed price may be different by ordered date, your currency and payment method.

  The delivery is available for following countries. If your country is not included, sorry I can not ship it.
Asia: Indonesia, Thai, Singapore,Taiwan, China,South Korea,Malaysia,Philippine,Vietnam,Hong Kong
Oceania: Australia, NZ
North America: Canada, US, Mexico
Middle East: Israel, Turkey
Europe:Ireland, Italia,UK,Austria,Nederland,Greece,Switzerland,Sweden,Spain,Denmark,Germany,Norway,Hungary,Finland,France,Belgium,Poland, Portugal,Russia
South America: Brazil
Africa: N/A

 This delivery method has tracking # but no insurance.

Following is delivery cost for one kit. () is cost for two kits.

Asia: 580yen(630yen)
Other area: 620yen(690yen)

 Basically delivery needs two weeks.But it depends on your country. Total billed amount is product price + delivery cost.
 If you want insurance for shipping, it is possible. However, its cost heavily depend on your country.

How to order
 You must be a registered user of this forum. Please PM me with following description.

1 How many do you need? one or two?
2 Which color? Black or White?
3 Your e-mail address
4 Your postal address
5 Your name
6 Your contact phone number
7 Do you need insurance for shipping?

  I will send a Paypal bill to your e-mail address.
  If your order is 3rd or more late order, your order will get pending. Because first two guys processing is under way. This is limited offer for first two customers.

How to pay
  You can use your credit card. If you have a Paypal account,you may be able to use it. However, you may not be able to it due to Paypal's internal reason. You must pay it within seven days. If you won't, your order will be expired.


mirror extender kit detail photos
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2017, 02:32:30 AM »


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Obviously AA battery is not included in the kit.
The kit has mirror extender ABS plastic, two extender bolts, one rubber sheet and instruction sheet.
The instruction is written in English.

With CBR750, you can watch my example at

[FAQ] xpd153's mirror extender kit
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2017, 03:13:18 AM »


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Here is summary of possible questions. Before asking me a question, please read this.

Q1 We are last remaining CBR750 riders. You should be more generous for comrades. Please give me it at free!
A1  Sorry. I can not do that.

Q2 I PMed you. But my order is 3rd. What will happen?
A2  This offer is limited for two users. Please hope one of two may fail to pay. If it not happen, still you can buy it at ebay. But ebay's listing price is regular one.

Q3 I can not write English. How to communicate with you?
A3 Sorry. Only available languages are English or Japanese.

Q4 I want different color.
A4  I can make it at out of this offer. However it means extra cost. If you are willing to pay extra cost, please PM me.

Q5 I want to be more Earth friendly. I don't want fossil based ABS plastic. I want carbon neutral PLA plastic version.
A5 I can make PLA version. However,ABS is more heat resistant. If your country has hot Summer, I advise you to choose ABS plastic version.

Q6 I have a 3D printer. Give me your STL file.
A6 Sorry. I can not do that. Because I invested so many. I want to collect some money.

Q7 I can make wooden parts by myself. Please sell me only extender bolts.
A7 Same as A6.

Q8 I am a billionaire. Please design mirror extender for my motorcycle. It is not RC27.
A8 In that case, you have to hire me. it will be expensive. Probably you can find other person in your country.

Q9 With this mirror extender, can my RC27 pass MOT test?
A9 I don't know. If your inspector said NO, please dismount it.

Q10 Can I use this mirror extender for SC21?
A10 I don't know. According to Robvanglik's tetimony, you can't.

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