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All Technical Issues / GPS/Smartphone mount
« on: May 04, 2020, 02:31:52 AM »
Recently I installed Chinese fork stem mount for GPS. It is cheap. But it works. You can buy this at pls search '
motorcycle fork stem mount' at

But you need 1mm thick rubber sheet. Because CBR750 fork stem hole's diameter is 19mm. But diameter of that mounter is 17mm.

All Technical Issues / Front brake cleaning again
« on: April 04, 2020, 13:38:40 PM »
Last time, I cleaned front and rear brake caliper cleaning in Nov 2016. And then I felt dragging in Mar 2020.
About one week ago, I cleaned them again. A couple of days ago, I ran CBR750 again but there was some dragging.
At last cleaning, I forgot using red rubber grease.
Today, I dismantled front left caliper and coated red rubber crease on the piston.
Tomorrow, I will assemble front left caliper and expect everyting fine.

At this point, there is no curfew in Japan. Weather is wonderful. Due to insufficient SARS-COV-2 testing, everybody have doubt about Japanese government's status report of COVID-19(only 2xxx people infected).


Bikers Cafe / Why robvangulik and xpd153 don't buy new motorcycles?
« on: November 09, 2019, 08:52:34 AM »
The reasons are revealed in different thread.

Scotty Kilmer also said 'Why car guys don't buy new cars' at following video.

All Technical Issues / Spark plug type
« on: November 03, 2019, 00:24:04 AM »
I found strange descriptions at Denso and NGK site.

At Denso.
CBR750F                                           X24ES-U           IX24
CBR750 SuperAero                          X24EP-U9         IX24B

CBR750F                                            DPR8EA-9        DPR8EIX-9
CBR750 SuperAero                           DP8EA-9           DPR8EIX-9

 Left plug type is regular. Right plug type is premium Iridium.

 We know 1988 CBR750 dropped 'SuperAero' naming due to unknown reason. But also know Honda called it   CBR750F no matter how production year is.

 As far as I know, there is no difference between 1987 model and 1988 model regarding ignition system.
 It looks like original CBR750FH has non register type plug. Then Honda switched register type plug at FJ.

Questions and remarks about the Site or Forum / another site?
« on: August 24, 2019, 02:26:56 AM »
As you know, the site was down for just couple of days. then i tried other sites. like

 All displayed server config 404 error page.
 However, has a page. You can watch it for yourself. Probably this indicated domain owner's taste.

 And I checked and
 And I found out why crusher has You can check this for yourself.
 Whois info of is masked as usual.

Just FYI

All Technical Issues / Moto manual download site
« on: July 15, 2019, 02:53:45 AM »
 I found this. But there is no CBR750 manual.   You can chose many other vendors, BMW,Yamaha, ......

Bikers Cafe / Super Blackbird was sold at $1700 in Japan
« on: April 24, 2019, 01:45:33 AM » All Japanese. But you can watch photos.

A couple of days ago, a blackbird latest type which has digital instrument and improved FI, was sold at US$1700. It is incredibly cheap and very tempting for me. If I have a parking space, I might bid. But I didn't. I must be loyal to Hurricane.

In recent couple of days, site visitors watched typical server error status.
Obviously WHOIS indicated crusher still has domain name.
But it seems like /forum dir and /index.html did not exit.
What happened? fault in moving host site?

 Anyway, the site is now online. It is well done

As I wrote at other posting, I successfully developed mirror extender for CBR750.
So I offer mirror extenders for two forum users at special discount price. This offer will expire at the end of thi year.

Product Spec
 The mirror extender kit includes following items.
One  mirror extender ABS plastics.
Two extender bolts.
One rubber sheet.

 Available colors are black and creamy white.
 It can be used for either right or left. If you need both sides, you have to order two.
 With the mirror extender, genuine CBR750 mirror is mounted at 30cm outer position.
 Obviously you need CBR750 and original genuine Honda mirrors.

  Regular price is 2000yen. But offered price here is  1300yen for one kit.
But max two kits for one customer.
 At this point, 1300yen is
  US$ 11.65
  Euro 9.99
  GBP 9.24
  AU$ 15.29

  Your billed price may be different by ordered date, your currency and payment method.

  The delivery is available for following countries. If your country is not included, sorry I can not ship it.
Asia: Indonesia, Thai, Singapore,Taiwan, China,South Korea,Malaysia,Philippine,Vietnam,Hong Kong
Oceania: Australia, NZ
North America: Canada, US, Mexico
Middle East: Israel, Turkey
Europe:Ireland, Italia,UK,Austria,Nederland,Greece,Switzerland,Sweden,Spain,Denmark,Germany,Norway,Hungary,Finland,France,Belgium,Poland, Portugal,Russia
South America: Brazil
Africa: N/A

 This delivery method has tracking # but no insurance.

Following is delivery cost for one kit. () is cost for two kits.

Asia: 580yen(630yen)
Other area: 620yen(690yen)

 Basically delivery needs two weeks.But it depends on your country. Total billed amount is product price + delivery cost.
 If you want insurance for shipping, it is possible. However, its cost heavily depend on your country.

How to order
 You must be a registered user of this forum. Please PM me with following description.

1 How many do you need? one or two?
2 Which color? Black or White?
3 Your e-mail address
4 Your postal address
5 Your name
6 Your contact phone number
7 Do you need insurance for shipping?

  I will send a Paypal bill to your e-mail address.
  If your order is 3rd or more late order, your order will get pending. Because first two guys processing is under way. This is limited offer for first two customers.

How to pay
  You can use your credit card. If you have a Paypal account,you may be able to use it. However, you may not be able to it due to Paypal's internal reason. You must pay it within seven days. If you won't, your order will be expired.

Questions and remarks about the Site or Forum / can not donate from Japan
« on: November 20, 2017, 09:35:57 AM »
A couple of days ago, I was in the mood to make a donation to this site.
Paypal is only available method. So I clicked final confirmation button.

 Then Paypal said, Can not handle this transaction from Japan.
 I never had any trouble with Paypal, except for this.
 Just FYI

All Technical Issues / How to make your mirror extender by yourself
« on: October 12, 2017, 02:04:36 AM »
Since prior discussion, I conducted several research. So I find out this. With some investment, you can make your mirror extender by yourself. For RC27, you might purchase it from me.

1 Extender bolt
 You need extender bolts. See photo #1. For RC27, you need M6 spec. If your MC has bigger mounting bolt, you should consider long nuts. M6 is the largest extender bolt which I could find.

2  Measure your mirror's attachment surface
  RC27 has curvy shape. I measured it by grid paper.

3  Making 3D CAD data
  Autodesk Fusion 360 must be the best choice for hobbyist and small business. You can use this software at free.
  However, you need a decent computer. Mem should be  4GB at least. CPU should be dual core and 2GHz at least.
  And it needs Windows7(64bit) or later, or Mac-OS(Lion or later)

  First, you have to draw attachment surface sketch by using 3 point arc.
  This part is very time consuming.

4 Making prototype by 3D printer
  Obviously you need a 3D printer which can form ABS plastic. Some cheap 3D printers can form PLA plastic only.
  But PLA is not good for mirror extender.

5  Adjust prototype
  Most critical point may be hole's location and dimension. You may need to adjust it by going back to step 3.

6 Installation to your MC
 For antivibration, I recommend to insert thin rubber sheet between the extender and the MC body.

 I am doing step 4 now.

All Technical Issues / Noisy speedmeter gauge
« on: July 16, 2017, 11:43:11 AM »
Hi RC27/SC21 riders!

 My RC27 gauge got another problem. It generates significant mechanical noise at running.
 When I fixed wrong tacho display problem, I used silicon grease spray for meter cable connection hole.
 But it seems like not enough.

 Currently I am considering following three battle plans.

Plan A
1 dismantle the gauge
2 find source of the noise by rotating speed meter cable receiver. Maybe some kind of self made tool is required.
3 apply grease(or oil)

Plan B
1 dismantle the gauge
2 combine another stock gauge and original odometer part. Because I want to inherit original odometer display.

Plan C
1 Replace original gauge with stock gauge. Give up keeping original odometer display.

 Does anyone have any suggestion? Please !

All Technical Issues / fixing tachometer
« on: May 17, 2017, 04:05:20 AM »

 My RC27 got a problem. The problem is wrong display of the tachometer. It displays 20 - 40% higher value.
 In Japan, used RC27 gauge panel is available at relatively reasonable price.
 However, my RC27 speedmeter/odometer part has no problem. Only tachometer part has a problem.

 So, I have two options.

A Replacing just tachometer. It means I will have to decompose gauge panel, replace the tacho and assemble the gauge panel.

B Replacing completely gauge panel. But new gauge panel has wrong oddmeter value. I will have to readjust odometer display.

 At this point, it seems like option A is better for me. Because B is difficult and time consuming.( need to add 40000km to coming used oddmter)

 Does anyone have a suggestion or advice?

Bikers Cafe / Some Q&A mails at a online auction site
« on: December 05, 2016, 02:09:34 AM »
My NX650 front master cylinder is not good shape. But I found new VT750,Shadow 600,Steed compatible master cylinder is available at reasonable price. But I was not able to find most critical factor, cylinder bore size description in the website page. Therefore I asked it.

xpd153: What about cylinder bore size?
(unqualified sales agent) Violet: Hi, the mount diameter is 24mm.

  one day later

xpd153: I am not asking mount size.
Violet: If you mean this part(she attached a photo which points mirror mount hole), the bore is 19mm.

 Probably she is a kind person smile1004euhr

 one day later

xpd153: You don't understand what you are selling. I am asking about cylinder bore size. If you don't understand what I said, pass my question to a motorcyclist :baeh:

 same day
Violet:Hi It is 14mm. Regards

 I needed 11mm cylinder. Therefore no further development with Violet.

 In these days, selling a master cylinder without knowing cylinder bore size may be industry standard level at ebay. You have to be careful at ebay smile1004what

Recently I conducted one research about those calipers. Followings are found out. Just FYI.

1 FH front caliper has two hanger pins. This type was used for many Honda models from1984? to 1990.
2 FJ front caliper has one hanger pins. This type was used for many Honda models from 1988 to 2005?.
3 FH type caliper was used for direct mount brake disc only. FJ type was used for floating mount brake disc and direct mount disc.
4 After 1988. front disc diameter became more larger size no matter how disc mounting method is.
5 Direct mount disc survived in dual purpose or off road MC. Even today.
6 However FH type caliper disappeared in early 1990. Even for direct mount disc models. Like NX650, XR600. Such models adopted singe hanger pin caliper in 90s.
7 FH and FJ calipers have same slider pin pitch. Therefore you can combine FH front caliper + FJ front bracket or FH front bracket + FJ front caliper.
8 However, each pad has different shape. FJ pad is slightly wider than FH pad.
One of pad holding part is bracket. FJ caliper + FJ pad + FH bracket is not possible because the position of FH pad holder on FH bracket is more inner. It can not hold FJ pad. Also FH caliper + FH pad + FJ bracket is not so good. Because FJ pad holder on FJ bracket is too far for FH pad. So I don't recommend such irregular combinations.
9 FH type caliper has smaller disc and FJ type caliper has larger disc. In general, FH type caliper has larger cylinder bore size. As far as I know, there is 30mm cylinder caliper in FH type,like FH,NX650(RD02),CBR1000F(SC21) and Steed. But I don't know 30mm or larger bore size in FJ type caliper.
10 FH type caliper has a room for 32mm cylinder. But I don't know whether 31mm or 32mm exists. FJ type caliper has more smaller room for larger cylinder. 29mm might be possible. But no room for 30mm.
As far as I know, 30mm is biggest size for FH type, 27mm is biggest for FJ type.
11 FJ has asymmetric bracket. FJ left bracket has anti nosedive support that Honda named. Some models adopted same mechanism,like 88,89 RC24 and SC24. But some models sticked with traditional bracket.

  There are other several similar looking Nissin calipers. For example, CB750(RC42) has similar but slightly different front caliper from FJ. But I don't know detail of RC42 caliper.

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